William HuntWe offer wordpress, drupal, and ecommerce consulting.
(hosting, linux, php, javascript client and server with nodejs)

Wordpress and Drupal make for great webapps. We help with email marketing and a full line of internet marketing services.


Businesses are adding full websites to help market and ad internet commerce to there capabilities. We can help with hosting and design of ecommerce sites to help with these needs. We use the latest responsive designs and server backends.


All companies are using the web to get customers. We can help you get found on the web. As part of the getting found you will need a site to list your products and services. Let us help build your brand.

Email market is helpful. If you already have an email list we provide full services to help you get your email marketing pages out on time with the proper hosting support to be heard.


Let's talk about customers. Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
Display Advertising (Banner Advertising)
Web Presence Optimization, including services for Organic Search, Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management
A wide range of business services, including Online Chat, Video Production, and Analytics all can help with customer aquisition and retention.


Did you know that local businesses are shifting more and more marketing dollars from offline to online? And by 2014, local online ad spending is expected to grow from $15.5 billion to $35.7 billion as local businesses realize the power of the Internet to reach new customers. We want to help businesses advertise online as just one part of what we do.

Get started today by arming yourself with the online marketing solutions you need take advantage of the Internet.



Q: What kind of companies should use regular email marketing?

A:All companies have access to a customer list. This is a great place to start. You can build a list from related list in your industry. You don't have to go wild. You can just start.
Q:What kind of benefits can you describe from using email marketing?
A: You want to keep your name out there. It is familiarity that helps with customers. At first it will appear to be a distraction. It will then become familiar the same way a jingle does. It will just stay in your head.
Q: How does the project usually work?
A: A budget is talked about to keep the cost down. Monthy email campaigns are then discussed.
Q: How can your business help
A: We get you started. Your competition will not tell you what they are doing. They will just take the money from you.

Budgeting Process for Internet and email Marketing


Developing a relationship with us will help you keep the cost down on needed social media access. It is not realistic to spend too much on marketing campaigns.











You may need an in house coordinator.They will help with your newsletter and key message building.


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We'll help you sail right through your project



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